Our New Maker’s Mark Display

Posted by admin on February 21, 2013


As some of you may have heard, there’s been a bit of a tizzy this week with Maker’s Mark  Bourbon.  Two weeks ago, Bill Samuels, Maker’s Chairman Emeritus, announced that  Maker’s Mark would be reducing the alcohol content of their legendary bourbon from 45  proof to 42 proof.  Then this week, Maker’s reversed the decision after getting hammered by Maker’s loyalists on Facebook and Twitter.

The main driver behind the initial decision was to increase the overall supply of Maker’s  Mark to meet spiraling demand.  According to Samuels “Over the last 100-plus days, there are many, many instances across lot of different cities where bars, restaurants, package stores have run low, run out,” Rob Samuels, chief operating officer for Maker’s Mark and grandson of the brand’s founder, said Monday. Given the surge in demand outstripping supply, what we’ve decided to do very carefully is to slightly reduce the alcohol volume.”  The recipe and production process will stay the same, except “a touch more water” will be added when the whiskey comes out of the barrel for bottling, Samuels said. The brand’s bourbon is made at its distillery near the small town of Loretto, 45 miles south of Louisville.

There’s one hitch, however.  Maker’s has already delivered the 42 proof version of the bourbon to our distributor and it will be a while before more of the original 45 proof is made and delivered to our distributor and our shop.  As a result, we have had to temporarily move the Maker’s to a new floor display.  In the picture, the bottles on the top of the display are the original 45 proof bottles.  The bottles on second level of the display are the 42 proof.  We’ll keep the Maker’s there until we sell out of one or the other, then we will move them back to their original place of honor on the bourbon display.

Makers 46We also added Maker’s Mark 46 to our portfolio this week.  Maker’s 46 was introduced in 2010 as the first new bourbon Maker’s had produced in over 50 years.  It is made just like regular Maker’s, but near the end of the aging (which varies barrel by the barrel) the barrels are emptied and new, slightly charred French oak staves are added to the barrel.  The bourbon is put back into the barrel and allowed to age for an additional three to five months.  The new barrel staves (French Oak #46 staves) add more flavors to the bourbon.  It is also bottled at a slightly higher proof than regular Maker’s Mark.  Come and try some out.