New Products in the Shop

Posted by admin on February 27, 2013

This week we have a few new products in the shop that you might be interested in: Dawsonville Moonshine, Full Throttle S’loonshine (from the Full Throttle Saloon cable series), Leblon Cachaca (Brazilian rum), Cedillia Acai Liqueur, and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day The Irishman Irish Whiskey.  Some more information on each of these products is presented below.

Irishman 70




The Irishman Irish Whiskey

This is a 70% Irish Malt Whiskey distilled in Irish Pot Stills.  The whiskey is aged between 7 and 9 years in bourbon casks.  It is distilled and blended in Ireland.  It has a classic whiskey flavor and not even a hint of peat or smoke.  Some tasting notes include:  Color: Autumn gold.  Aroma: Good nose with pepper & spice.  Taste: Extremely smooth with great balance.   Finish: A lingering finish with good length.  750ml $27.99.




The Irishman Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

A triple distilled unpeated single malt that is distilled in County Antrim.  Aged for around 12 years in both bourbon and oloroso casks. The casks are hand picked by Bernard Walsh and each bottling is a small batch of 1000 cases.  Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by the distiller.  750ml $40.99

dawsonville moonshine





Dawsonville Moonshine

Dawsonville Moonshine Distillery is a legal moonshine distillery, located in the heart of “The Moonshine Capital of the World” – Dawsonville, GA. Where else would you find a legal distillery besides under the same roof as City Hall and the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame? …Only in Dawsonville!  Our traditional recipes are from over 150 years ago, which have been passed down to Simmie from many generations then into the hands of his grand-daughter Cheryl Wood.  We currently operate under Free Spirits Distillery- a nod to Wood’s grandfather, Simmie Free, and the other free spirited moonshiners of the Appalachians.  750ml $24.99.





Full Throttle S’loonshine

From the team at the Full Throttle Saloon cable series, this is a new 80 proof Tennessee moonshine, in a classic mason jar package.  750ml $27.99.




Leblon Cachaça

Cachaca is a Brazilian spirit that is made from sugar cane, versus the molasses that is used to make rum.  It has a cleaner, lighter, and more sophisticated taste than rum.  Leblon is an artisinal cachaça produced in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Cachaça is the primary ingredient in Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha. The name “Leblon”, refers to an affluent neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, as it is depicted inside the bottle.  750ml $23.99

Leblon Cachaça was a Gold Medal Award Winner at the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a 7-consecutive-year run, which is a first for any cachaça. (In 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2012 Leblon was awarded the Double Gold Medal for Best Cachaça.) It was also the Best in Class Winner at the 2007 International Tasting Competition in London[6] and was awarded the 2010 Rising Star Growth Brand Award. It also won Sounds and Colours’ favourite cachaça in their Caipirinha Challenge in 2011.

Cedilla Acai Liqueur


Cedilla Açai Liqueur

Made from Açai, the ‘Berry that Cries,’ Cedilla is a macerated fruit liqueur created at the Maison Leblon in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Expertly blended by Master Distiller Gilles Merlet, Cedilla starts with hand-picked Sambazon Açai berries from the Amazon region in Brazil, macerated and blended with the highest quality alambique Cachaça from the Maison Leblon in Patos de Minas, Brazil. The result is a rich fruity flavor with complex chocolate, spice, and berry notes. Drink neat, over ice, with soda, or as an accent to your favorite cocktail. 750ml $41.99